The Baked Baker’s Box was dreamed up by a couple in Vancouver, Canada, who fuse their food with green and are really, really in to it. 

He is the culinary whizkid who has been dabbling in the aquarian-age edible movement since that really excellent party at Matty’s in the 90s, and she is a righteous taste tester who makes all the other stuff happen. 

Together, they curate easy delicious cannabis recipes that are pre-measured, packed up, and sent to you once a month (with some other neat stuff because surprises are fun!) 

Once in your capable hands, the Baked Baker’s Box translates in to masterfully-infused marijuana edibles with modern, wholesome ingredients that balance and heighten the experience of eating cannabis. 

And don’t even worry if this is totally new. This isn’t going to be like that time your friend's uncle went cross-eyed and fell off the deck after he ate a green brownie. 

This is going to be the kind of baked goodie you’d happily eat even if it didn’t have cannabis in it. This is edible cannabis, elevated.  

Get in touch: bakedbakersbox@gmail.com.  

And get baking!


Our Mission:

To make the cannabis edibles experience accessible, predictable and just better.